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What is the GreatMan Movement? Stephen Mansfield, NY Times bestselling author and popular speaker, explains.

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Men are in trouble in our generation. Every indicator confirms it. Men are less healthy, less happy, less fulfilled, less prosperous, and less productive than they have been in the past. Male suicide rates are rising dramatically around the world. The average man reports feeling alone, feeling lost, and feeling adrift as a man.

Why is this? There are many reasons. Most men did not receive from their fathers the meaning and the lore of manhood. In other words, the wisdom and skills of previous generations of men have not been passed down.

Then, of course, our society diminishes manhood. It insists that masculinity is nothing more than a dangerous form of aggression and that manhood is a social construct quickly passing away.

There is also the behavior of men themselves. Having no vision for manhood, no noble code to live by, men give in to their lesser selves. They let their drives dominate them. They overeat, overspend, immerse themselves in porn, addict themselves to pleasures, and live small lives far removed from the greatness for which they were made.

Then there is our distance from God. He designed manhood and made it good. The further men are from God, the further they will be from their best selves.

The GreatMan movement is an answer to all of this. It is a movement of men who help each other live out noble manhood with one hand reaching to God and the other reaching to the next generation. It is a global band of brothers inspiring and coaching each other to fulfill the greatness for which they were made.

GreatMan.TV serves this movement. Here you will find ways to join the GreatMan community, to take in powerful teaching about manhood, to get the help you need to fight the battles of your life and to become the man you were made to be.

We look forward to knowing you and to helping you be what you are destined to be. And, remember, don’t just be a male. Be a man. Be a GreatMan.