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Uncrushing the Soul

There’s a certain list of people that every man needs to make: an enemies list. This isn’t bitter or vindictive. It’s actually an experience that will help you “uncrush” the soul and increase your capacity for living a life full [...]

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The McCains

Throw out whatever you may think about John McCain politically. Today we’re discussing one remarkable talent McCain developed as a boy – and how it prepared him to become a leader of men years later. This one habit even inspired [...]

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What’s With the Cussing?

Most men using foul language think it makes them cool and accepted. Why? What do you think that the habit of cussing is compensating for in your soul? Don’t let cussing compensate for lack of strong character or strong manhood [...]

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What Porn Taught Us

There’s a connection between pornography and the sexual abuse brought to light by the #MeToo movement. Most porn depicts women as willing for anything. It portrays women as “wanting it” – to put it in a crass locker room phrasing. [...]

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When The Demons Come

Suicide rates among middle-aged and older men are skyrocketing. According to a recent report from Esquire on suicide in the U.K., “…if you are a man between 20 and 49, you're more likely to die from [suicide] than cancer, road [...]

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Modular Mentoring

Most guys have a hope that some man is going to come along and take them under his wing and teach them all the things they need to know about life. They’re waiting for superman. The reality is, the “super-mentor” [...]

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Get What You Need!

One of the things that distinguishes a mature man from an immature boy is his ability to get what he needs. Men, you’ve probably heard Stephen say this before: you need a certain amount of rowdiness and adventure in your [...]

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The Disease of Self-Pity

We all sustain wounds in this life. But what are the messages we allow those wounds to inscribe upon our souls? Do you view an experience in your life as a profound injustice? Are you misinterpreting failures? Allowing harsh words [...]

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Men And Alcohol

Men are about twice as likely to become alcohol-dependent as women. They’re twice as likely to binge drink and twice as likely to be drunk drivers. This is not a campaign against drinking. But it is a campaign for being [...]

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