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A GreatMan Generation

What does the Kavanaugh confirmation process tell us about great and noble manhood in our generation? Stephen posits that our lasting challenge is not so much the politics of left and right, but the legitimate issue that women are often [...]

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Killer Pride

There are many types of pride, but the kind of pride most endemic to men is the kind that results from not receiving affirmation earlier in life. You probably know a guy like this who lives in a Palace of [...]

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The Power of Responsible

The strength and glory of a man are exhibited when he takes responsibility. It’s at the heart of noble manhood. Owning your responsibility is more than just checking off a list of household chores. (Though that’s part of it.) Being [...]

2018-09-24T16:08:26+00:00Sep 18th, 2018|Tags: , |

Women Framing Manhood

We talk often on this podcast about a man’s role in fostering a culture of noble manhood. But women also play a critical role in this area. In today’s episode, Stephen shares how his mother (and perhaps yours, too) had [...]

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Manly Decision-Making

Maybe you’ve seen another guy make a stupid decision? If so, the error may not have been in the actual decision so much as the process he took to get there. Fact is, a lot of men shrink from decision. [...]

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A Story and The Blessing

Earlier this year, Stephen spoke at an event in California. Before thousands of men of all ages, he issued a challenge: men, bless your sons. One young man pulled out his phone, recorded the talk, and sent it to his [...]

2018-08-27T18:17:26+00:00Aug 28th, 2018|Tags: , |

On Cowardice

Cowardice can make us weak, unreliable, and even dangerous. You know it when you see it, and you know it when you feel it. In this episode, you’ll learn how to identify the source of cowardice in your own life. [...]

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