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Beyond Shame and Guilt

Imagine a football team whose coaching philosophy centered on one issue: “Don’t get penalties!” The players would be so focused on avoiding penalties that you’d end up with a team of hesitant guys worried they shouldn’t play too hard. The [...]

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Manly Story

Story is a powerful vehicle. When we learn through a story our brains use less energy to absorb information. We are even more likely to recall that information when learned via story. Part of being a great man is being [...]

2018-11-13T14:57:13-04:00Nov 20th, 2018|Tags: , , |

The Art of Honoring

Knowing how to extend honor is one of the great arts of manhood. Smack talk and cutting up with the guys is great, but those can’t be your only gears all the time. As the holidays approach, let’s learn and [...]

2018-11-13T09:59:51-04:00Nov 13th, 2018|Tags: , |

A GreatMan Generation

What does the Kavanaugh confirmation process tell us about great and noble manhood in our generation? Stephen posits that our lasting challenge is not so much the politics of left and right, but the legitimate issue that women are often [...]

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Killer Pride

There are many types of pride, but the kind of pride most endemic to men is the kind that results from not receiving affirmation earlier in life. You probably know a guy like this who lives in a Palace of [...]

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