About Strong Women

A recent survey asked men whether they liked strong women. On the whole, men said they admire strong women… from a distance. Guys, it’s important to recognize that we are not in a tug of war with women. We are [...]

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Women Framing Manhood

We talk often on this podcast about a man’s role in fostering a culture of noble manhood. But women also play a critical role in this area. In today’s episode, Stephen shares how his mother (and perhaps yours, too) had [...]

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On Living With a Woman

The statistical outcomes regarding unmarried men and women living together are troubling. Why? For one, this type of arrangement is a “half step.” When you start making half steps in one area of your life, it’s hard to be wholehearted [...]

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A Tug of War With Women?

Marxism assumes that there is a pie only so big and that we are all in competition for a piece of the pie. In other words, if you become a multimillionaire, then you are taking something from others. Stephen believes [...]

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Safeguarding Women

In Hollywood, sexual favors as a path to greater exposure is a standard feature, Stephen’s heard from many friends in the industry. The Harvey Weinstein scandal, of course, has brought even greater attention to this injustice. In this podcast, Stephen [...]

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