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Learning From The Shutdown

As we begin to emerge from the coronavirus shutdown, Stephen takes a few minutes to level with you and present some fresh challenges. In this episode, you’ll receive some guidance on how you can use your personal experience of the [...]

2020-05-04T15:31:12-04:00May 5th, 2020|Tags: , , |

Answering Aggression

During this coronavirus season, many guys are living more domesticated lives. You’re sitting at home more, maybe eating or drinking more, and watching too much TV. You’re getting soft. Not good! Men need an outlet for aggression. The desire to [...]

2020-04-27T17:10:28-04:00Apr 28th, 2020|Tags: , , , |

Answering Our Critics

Good men believe in science and facts. They know their situational reality. They protect women and children. They lead and love well. A recent op-ed in The Washington Post paints an entirely different picture of masculinity, particularly in the “white [...]

2020-04-13T17:03:25-04:00Apr 14th, 2020|Tags: , , |

Death and GreatManhood

Ponder today’s episode at a quiet moment. As the coronavirus reaches the apex of the curve, soon we will be surrounded by death. Stephen encourages you to ponder your own death so that you might live your life now with [...]

2020-04-06T14:20:23-04:00Apr 7th, 2020|Tags: , , |

Narrating Noble Manhood

“I’m finding that the women in my life resent or fear the things that I’m doing to get the masculine nurturing I need in my life.” In an age of toxic masculinity, in an age of the “Me Too” movement, [...]

2020-03-23T11:47:58-04:00Mar 31st, 2020|Tags: |

A C-19 Battle Plan

As I record this podcast, we’re in the middle of the coronavirus crisis. I’m thinking about you, pondering what your life must be like, and I want to talk to you straight. Guys, you need a manly battle plan for [...]

2020-03-24T10:32:25-04:00Mar 24th, 2020|Tags: |

GreatMan In This Crisis

This crisis will probably get worse before it gets better. However, it too will pass. In the meantime, the people in your life are going to need you. They are going to need you calm, operating from that control room [...]

2020-03-16T13:09:52-04:00Mar 17th, 2020|Tags: , |

The Coronavirus and Men

Let’s have a heart-to-heart about this coronavirus season. Guys, these are times in which we can really shape lives. As men, we have the ability to set the tone for how those within our sphere approach trying times. We need [...]

2020-03-02T17:01:49-05:00Mar 3rd, 2020|Tags: , |