Doing a Daily Blast

There is stunning scientific and anecdotal evidence that men experience a dramatic change in their souls and bodies when regularly engaging in an activity that is hard, challenging, or a little bit dangerous. Most of you listening to this podcast [...]

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A Summer Challenge

It’s peak summertime, and Stephen wants to present you with a summer challenge. Go to the people in your life (spouse, kids, mentors, siblings), and ask them to tell you what you can do to be a better man. Tell [...]

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On Hardship

Chad asks, “If comfort’s your biggest enemy, what are you doing to make yourself uncomfortable?” Find out why men need hardship, what the Ancient Greeks had to say about “soft” living, and why Stephen always has firm performance goals set [...]

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Four Challenges

Stephen wants to help you get ahead of the curve. Before summer gets here… before you’re busy with vacation, plans, kids’ activities… set your mind to completing these four challenges. From exercising the mind and body to building the spirit, [...]

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Get What You Need!

One of the things that distinguishes a mature man from an immature boy is his ability to get what he needs. Men, you’ve probably heard Stephen say this before: you need a certain amount of rowdiness and adventure in your [...]

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