Manly Music, Part 2

Last month, Stephen asked for your manly music recommendations. What songs ask us to be great men or raise a noble, manly vision? And, wow, did you guys deliver! Stephen discusses some of the 100+ songs you shared in this [...]

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Manly Music

We should have manly music playing in our hearts and ears, music that will inspire us to be GreatMen. So, where is it? In this episode, Stephen describes a few of his favorite “manly” songs and asks for you to [...]

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Music and Manhood

Today’s episode introduces our new GreatMan Podcast theme song, as well as the men behind the music. Stephen interviews JT McCraw, Shayne Hill (Sawyer Brown guitarist and Nashville producer), and drummer Chris Tyrrell (husband to Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum). [...]

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