A Secret Life of Good

You should have a secret life… a secret life of good. If you have read Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men you will remember the Latin word integras, from which we get our English word “integrity.” A soldier with integras would clink [...]

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Building Noble Language

What if you built a culture in which language ennobled, excited, and thrilled people? In this episode, Stephen shares the language he uses with his friends, wife, and children. Learn how ennobling language impacts relationships, destinies, and cultures. Then, start [...]

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Own Yourself First

Men are often told they should be good or noble primarily in the context of their roles as husbands and fathers. While, yes, your wife and children deserve to have a good man, a noble man in their lives, they [...]

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Champions of the Cause

As we begin a new year, pause. Look around you. What can you do to make an impact in the lives of men at work, school, your place of worship, or sports team? How can you help men fight the [...]

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Beyond Shame and Guilt

Imagine a football team whose coaching philosophy centered on one issue: “Don’t get penalties!” The players would be so focused on avoiding penalties that you’d end up with a team of hesitant guys worried they shouldn’t play too hard. The [...]

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Women Framing Manhood

We talk often on this podcast about a man’s role in fostering a culture of noble manhood. But women also play a critical role in this area. In today’s episode, Stephen shares how his mother (and perhaps yours, too) had [...]

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