The Principled Use of Power

The average man can dominate the average woman. If men are not taught the principled use of power, they will become barbarians: murderers, rapists, and marauders. Gentleman, we must teach our sons how to wield power. We must teach them [...]

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Men and Daughters

Stephen has spoken often on the subject of fathers and sons. But how should a noble, righteous man relate to his daughter? In this episode, Stephen illustrates four essential things every man should do in building a healthy, effective relationship [...]

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Championing Women

If you advocate for men, does that mean you’re against women? Of course not! The GreatMan movement champions women. It celebrates them and wants to see them successful in every possible way. Every woman in your sphere should be thrilled [...]

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About Strong Women

A recent survey asked men whether they liked strong women. On the whole, men said they admire strong women… from a distance. Guys, it’s important to recognize that we are not in a tug of war with women. We are [...]

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Women Framing Manhood

We talk often on this podcast about a man’s role in fostering a culture of noble manhood. But women also play a critical role in this area. In today’s episode, Stephen shares how his mother (and perhaps yours, too) had [...]

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On Living With a Woman

The statistical outcomes regarding unmarried men and women living together are troubling. Why? For one, this type of arrangement is a “half step.” When you start making half steps in one area of your life, it’s hard to be wholehearted [...]

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A Tug of War With Women?

Marxism assumes that there is a pie only so big and that we are all in competition for a piece of the pie. In other words, if you become a multimillionaire, then you are taking something from others. Stephen believes [...]

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