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“There is a war on masculinity today, one that is leaving males with neither the knowledge nor the drive to become men. Seductive sirens of secular socialism lure them into settling to be either thugs or wimps. Men on Fire is both the roadmap and the antidote. For all of our sakes, place this book in the hands of the men you most care about.”

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author, TV host, and president of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians

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True manhood is in decline in our generation. Our society has deformed masculinity, leaving most men unfulfilled and far from the impact they were made for. GreatMan will help you fight the battles of your life, the battles you must fight to be the man you are meant to be.

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A man who has embraced the truth about himself has embraced humility. 🎧

A man who has embraced the truth about himself has embraced humility. 🎧

Latest from the GreatMan Podcast

The Power of Humility

There’s hardly any characteristic more admirable or powerful in the life of a man than humility. It’s not weakness. Humility is the self-awareness that you are a flawed and incomplete human being. It causes you [...]

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“…a blueprint for true manhood, building upon stories from the world’s greatest men—one of whom was my great-grandfather, Winston Churchill.”

Jonathan Sandys, great-grandson of Sir Winston Churchill

“…takes the bold, potentially offensive step of calling men to be men again. It’s about time!”

Dave Ramsey, New York Times best-selling author

“In a culture where authentic masculinity is often buried beneath myriad counterfeits and stereotypes [this] vision of manhood is a refreshing and challenging ideal.”

Jonathan Jackson, star of the hit ABC show Nashville

“Buckle your chinstrap…because it is truth and its challenge will hit you as you’ve never been hit.”

Mark Brunell, former NFL quarterback; Head of Football, Episcopal School of Jacksonville

“You will be changed for the better and inspired to be the man you want to be—the man God intended you to be.”

General Boykin, United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence 2002-2007