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The Art of Directness

Let’s talk about one of the arts of manhood, the art of directness. Men are lovingly direct in dealing with situations. When a man is not lovingly direct, problems arise. Stephen illustrates this by sharing the story of a dinner [...]

2020-08-10T09:46:09-04:00Aug 11th, 2020|Tags: , , |

Building FX Into Your Life

Stephen doesn’t normally dish out health and exercise advice on the GreatMan Podcast. However, there’s something very simple that every man can do to improve his physical health. It’s free. You don’t need any special equipment or clothing. And you [...]

2020-08-10T08:31:26-04:00Aug 4th, 2020|Tags: , |

Ending Transference

We don’t venture into pop psychology often in the GreatMan Podcast. Today, Stephen addresses a phenomenon known as transference. Transference occurs when you take the emotions experienced in one area of life and apply them to another. (For example, your [...]

2020-07-27T14:24:12-04:00Jul 28th, 2020|Tags: , , , |

Memento Mori

“Memento Mori” has served men as a motivation throughout the centuries. Latin for “remember death,” this phrase has prompted ancients and moderns alike to contemplate their own mortality and the meaning of their lives. With advances in science, many of [...]

2020-07-20T10:33:39-04:00Jul 21st, 2020|Tags: , |

Have the Conversation!

Is there a conversation you’ve been avoiding? Then that’s the conversation you need to have. A man should be quick to reconcile and quick to address an issue. Even if the hard conversation you need to have doesn’t elicit the [...]

2020-07-13T13:41:52-04:00Jul 14th, 2020|Tags: , |

The Fellowship of Men

If you are attempting to live out a code of noble manhood, you aren’t alone. You are part of something Stephen’s never talked about before on the GreatMan Podcast: a fellowship of men in the world. Tune in as Stephen [...]

2020-07-06T15:09:00-04:00Jul 7th, 2020|Tags: , , |

The Courage Factor

Stephen tackles an essential aspect of manhood that he has never before spoken of on the GreatMan Podcast. And, no, it’s not “courage.” It’s a principle and truth that has elevated men and spurred them to change their generations. Tune [...]

2020-06-23T13:12:35-04:00Jun 23rd, 2020|Tags: , , |

Men and Racism

Racism is morally wrong. It’s a cancer in the souls of men and society. In this episode, Stephen tells of his upbringing with regard to race. Growing up the son of an Army officer, Stephen’s views on race were shaped [...]

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