GreatMan Global

GreatMan Global is designed to teach men worldwide the philosophy, art, and skills of manly excellence and to equip them to combat toxic masculinity wherever it may be found.

GreatMan is devoted to achieving a daunting goal in our generation: change men and the model of righteous manhood worldwide.

We intend to do this by sponsoring an annual conference for leaders of men and conducting GreatMan events around the world. We will distribute GreatMan resources, created by Stephen Mansfield and other leaders, to men worldwide who cannot afford to buy them through the usual channels. We will develop academic courses on manhood for inclusion in university programs. Stand with us. Support GreatMan with your gifts. Let’s do this together.

Click below to donate, or mail your check to:

GreatMan Global
c/o Mansfield Group
1300 Pennsylvania Ave #190-636
Washington, DC 20004

For other payment options, contact us at 202-350-0104. GreatMan is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.